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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Service in Suriname

We pride ourselves on partnering with employers and candidates. By matching the skills, expertise, and experience to the job, we ensure the end result is an excellent match. Our labor hire staff can be deployed quickly from a pool of talented candidates which have been carefully hand-selected to provide the employer with the labor hire staff the business requires in Suriname. The labor hire services include providing staff for:


Whether you want permanent, labor hire, temporary, short or long-term contract staff, we can help. We match employees with employers across a wide range of industries, including traineeships, apprenticeships, industrial, clerical, commercial and executive placements. Additionally, we can also manage the payrolls (salary, allotments, benefits, and remittances) of the supplied manpower and secure and manage the insurance requirements of the supplied personnel.

We thrive that the end outcome is an exceptional match.

Please find the following job openings:

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