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Customs Brokerage Services

Our experienced customs brokers take care of all customs brokerage related requirements for easy clearance of products imported or exported by clients in Suriname.

Import, Export, Returnable items & Dangers goods
Our licensed customs brokers will be ensuring the shipment clearance as mandated by the Surinamese authorities.

Our services include:

  • Resolving issues with Suriname Tax Authority with regard to processing of customs entries.
  • Obtain statutory compliances for companies with all local government agencies relevant their particular operations, especially with the STA.
  • We are capable of facilitating the paperwork for short-term temporarily exports.
  • We have licensed custom brokers and DG certified professionals for
  • Apply for and process the required customs bonds to facilitate speedy clearance of customs entries.
  • Preparation and processing of all CG/duty free documents through all the relevant local government agencies, including the STA and Customs.
  • We can prepare and process all of your customs entries, obtain clearance and transport your imports from ports of entry to client’s requested destinations.
  • We can provide a ship clearance service for vessels entering and leaving Suriname, going to the Rig directly and leaving the Rig to proceed out of Suriname.
  • We can also provide clearance services of the Rig and choppers.

Cross-country rules and regulations vary from one nation to another. The customs brokerage scene has evolved exponentially and is migrating to the digital platform, in line with technological progress. With awareness about the latest regulations and availability of the latest technology – SOGLASS is here to expedite and make the entire shipment clearance process as convenient as possible for our clients.