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Office & Residential Rental

A strategically convenient office location helps your business operations in many ways in Suriname. The same is also true for a potential residential location of your employees. A nearby positioning reduces transport expenses, increases productivity and efficiency. What would be your reaction if we told you SOGLASS ( Suriname Oil & Gas Logistics and Sustainable Support) provides its services in that end as well?

At SOGLASS, we offer rental relocation services for both official and residential purposes. We use our extensive network to find the best possible location that compliments the requirements of our client organization. The resources are utilized as per their expertise, reputation, knowledge, and professionalism.

Effective market intelligence allows us to easily locate the best potential site locations and negotiate the best possible deals. Combined with our vast experience, we can extract the best possible outcome for our clients- both in the case of official and residential rents. Client interest occupies the sole priority position in our search operations. Relying on market research, financial and competitive analysis- we also advise potential winners to our clients. Winners which help our client achieve their business objectives.

As client representatives, our areas of expertise include conventional leases, short-term industrial leases, and ground leases. We also represent our clients for plot-purchase and selling.